About Us

Our journey so far…

Recognizing poverty as a barrier to development, Melinda and Ramesh Singal determined that providing access to Knowledge, Education and Training (KEAT) enhances an individual’s prospects of success. As a solution, they set up a small endowment with Vancity Community Foundation in 2008, with a few like-minded friends joining them over the years.

The income from the endowment provides annual grants. Only 1% of fund is paid annually for management to the VanCity Community Foundation.

Our Vision

We envision a world where individuals gain dignity through Knowledge, Education and Training (KEAT) and broaden our collective strength.

Our Mission

Support individuals facing poverty in accessing education and training at post-secondary level while advocating for policies that counter poverty and remove barriers to human development through an accessible and affordable education.

Who we work with?

KEATCA recognizes and works through Canadian sister charitable organizations (link this to partner organization page) active in the field of education, training and development.

We encourage the formation of groups:

  • to counter poverty through education and training,
  • to make education and training accessible and affordable in Canada and around the world,
  • to promote policies recognizing accessibility to education as a fundamental human right,
  • to mentor and otherwise support students, and
  • to raise awareness and funds.