KEATCA in 2018 has made much progress in grant giving, advocacy, partnership building and widening its donor outreach.

Keatca Grants

Melinda and Ramesh Singal started a small endowment in 2008. Over the years 2009- 2018, 20 students have been given grants, with all the money provided from investment income. Recipients reflect people from many backgrounds and situations.

Total Amount is Grants - $35,900.00

Grant Amount


Obtaining public post-secondary education in Canada comes with its set of challenges for students, local and international, especially those with limited resources. This year, KEATCA experienced its first denial of a study visa for reasons of poverty. This denial accelerated KEATCA's advocacy attempts. Letters were sent to the Prime Minister, as well as several relevant Ministries both federally and provincially.


At KEATCA, our belief that we are stronger together prompts us to build partnerships, not only with our donors, but with sister registered charities in Canada working on issues affecting the poor in procuring a higher education. In 2018, we partnered with:

  • Bright Beginnings Foundation, active in Surrey, BC KEATCA matched their first grant with $5 000.00 to a student with origins in Bangladesh.
  • Aunt Leah's Place. KEATCA made an emergency grant to a single mother, who is a foreign student from India.

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