Our grant application period for individuals starts on April 1 each year. We welcome applications from eligible candidates up to midnight April 30 pacific daylight savings time. The selected candidates will be notified by June 15 each year.

Paperwork Checklist

(Incomplete forms and paperwork will delay the processing of your grant application)

1. Application forms (see links)

Canadian Charitable Partner Organizations sponsoring students in Canada or abroad One application per student

Direct Applications to KEATCA

Include Financial declaration form

Supporting documents listed below must be submitted in PDF format in one email to keatca

Please put the following in the subject line:

Last Name- Semester start month, and Year [Smith – Sept 2019]

2. Applicant biography highlighting community/volunteer involvement.

3. Proof of student status or acceptance letter

4. Documents for proving previous year’s income e.g. notices of assessment;

5. Letter of reference (optional).

The document listed below is to be submitted in a word document in the same email. No changes will be made without consent of the applicant.

6. A profile* for use in the online platforms of KEATCA and related social media .

*Profile will be uploaded anonymously without including your name and other identifiable information.

NOTE: Your application form will only be processed with the supporting documents. Please ensure, these documents are emailed before the application deadline.