People donating $20 or more and requiring Canadian charitable tax receipts* can donate at:

Keatca Fund – Vancity Community Foundation

(*Charitable receipts can not be issued for donations under $20 Canadian).

Those not requiring Canadian charitable tax receipts can go to:


Those who want to use electronic transfer or send money by cheque, money order or bank draft, please contact us at keatca

Initiated by Melinda and Ramesh Singal, KEATCA provides grants for post-secondary education and training to those in need through an endowment. The endowment has benefitted greatly from generous contributions from Shirish Pandit and Neelkanth Chotalia, Brij Bala Sood and Dr. Ram S Jakhu, Gurmez Kaur and Amrik Sangha, Sylvie Corbeil and Joseph Vettickal, Andrea Dulay and Anup Shahi, Tsaimo Chou, Virat Jakhu, Om Jakhu, Rohit Jindal, Gretchen and Jack Taylor, Laura Farley and Parag Khare. Thanks to all our donors for their generous and continuous support.

In 2017, donations of $ 68, 552.11 were received. The investment income for 2017 was $ 10, 712.83 and administrative costs paid to VanCity Community Foundation were $ 2, 141.90.

We Need Your Participation!

A larger endowment will help increase the number of grants.

Socially responsible businesses, corporations, institutions, unions, families and individuals can donate or sponsor KEATCA and make education and training accessible and affordable for all.

This can be done through:

1. Annual Walk-a thons
KEATCA is launching annual walk-a-thons to involve youth in countering generational poverty. Each spring, schools. students, teachers, parents and non-profit organizations will work together. KEATCA will provide a donation of $1.00 per participating walker to a maximum of $1000.00 to each registered Canadian charity participating.

2. Sponsorship by businesses, unions etc.
Businesses Unions and institutions can sponsor students as part of their social responsibility and contact us to arrange sponsorships.

3. Fundraising for donations on behalf of the applicant
Profiles of recipients will be uploaded anonymously to KEATCA websites, Facebook page and other related social media to inspire public donations. All funds raised will be deposited in the principal endowment fund for future grants.

4. Private development of the endowment
Strategic involvement and fundraising activities will continue to grow the endowment fund through personal and professional contacts.