Partner Organizations

KEATCA is keen to partner with other NGO's working in the fields of poverty reduction, education and development. These partnerships add value whereby Partner organizations (PO’s) identify, evaluate and mentor students.

Basic Information

Partner Organizations must be deemed Registered Canadian Charitable Organizations.

Partner Organizations can sponsor students at a public post-secondary institution in Canada or anywhere in the world.

Grants cover only tuition fees or a part thereof for a degree, or a vocational or training program. Grants will be made for one year at a time and may be renewed.


KEATCA is working towards building sustainable and long-term collaborations with partner organizations. If interested in sponsoring a student’s education, partner organizations can send a letter of intent to keatca. KEATCA will sign a memorandum of understanding detailing roles and responsibilities of both parties involved.


  • Sponsoring Partner Organizations must have a registered charitable status in Canada.
  • Sponsored Canadian applicants must have a family income of less than $30,000 CDN per annum.
  • Sponsored non-Canadians student applicants must have a family income of less than $30,000 CDN per annum in terms of the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) in their home countries.
  • All sponsored students must be attending post-secondary institutions.
  • More than one student can be sponsored by a partner organization, but separate applications must be made.
  • Partner organizations must submit proof of transfer of the full amount (minus bank transfer fee where applicable) received from KEATCA to the applicants.

See Grant Applications for Application form and paperwork requirements.


Present Partnerships