Our Plan

Most anti-poverty groups are focussed on the issues of basic rights -- housing, health, food and K-12 education. The area of post-secondary education and training suffers from a gap in action. To fill this gap KEATCA will:

  • Develop a coalition with a specific mandate to counter poverty through education and training at the post-secondary level in the public sector and invite groups to join this coalition.
  • Create a not for profit organisation to support education and training.
  • Encourage businesses, banks, credit unions, cities, neighborhoods, foundations, unions, families and individuals to sponsor at least one poor student per annum to counter poverty as part of their social responsibility.
  • Seek youth and adult ambassadors.
  • Earmark an annual poverty reduction month in May.
  • Hold its first annual walk-a-thon in the spring of 2019 to include youth in the conversation. As an incentive KEATCA will provide a donation of $1.00 per participant (with a pledge) to each participating organisation to a maximum of $1000.00.
  • Act as a catalyst and help individuals and institutions to create groups promoting education and training.
  • Partner with like-minded groups who find, evaluate and mentor students in need to add value to its mission.