KEATCA is run entirely by volunteers who share the goal of development through affordable and accessible Knowledge, Education And Training (KEAT).

At KEATCA we value "sharing", which is much greater than the sum of its parts. Here are some of the tasks you can help with:

  • management, administration & coordination
  • selection & grant committees
  • organization of walk-a-thons
  • communications as spokesperson/ ambassador/ youth ambassador
  • outreach to students, volunteers, and donors
  • website design & promotion
  • resources & support
  • donations to the endowment fund*

*(The endowment fund generates income for annual KEATCA grants. They cover a part or all the tuition fee for the recipients).

At present, KEATCA is run with dedicated volunteers, who lend their skills to advance our work. It is with immense pleasure that we acknowledge the generosity of our volunteers.

Thank you to:

Harpreet Kahlon, Manu and Sharat Nistandra and your team, Vinod Jindal and your team, Rosanne Paciencia and Dave Lambert, Sunil Singal, Laura Farley, Dr. Nirmal Gupta, Dr. Andrea Dulay, Janeva and Janaka Shahi, Laura Talia Gustafson, Anna Clare Kemp, Saksham Singla, Cony Chang, Mahesh Mehta, Suparna Goel, Larissa Payne, Meghna Bansal, Lina Chiang, Kunal Matharu, Scarlet Mirzaian, Leila, Teuta and Brahim Lemghalef, Brij Bala and Dr. Ram Jakhu, Maria D’Amico, Meenakshi Gupta, Denise Morin, Tammy Neuman, Sylvie Moffatt, Stephanie Emro, Dr. Yaw Nyampong, Dr. Paul Fitzgerald, Dr. Md. (Tanveer) Ahmad, Mr. Kuan-Wei (David) Chen, Ms. Maria D’Amico, Mr. Terry Panopalis, Mr. George Petsikas, Mr. John Thachett and Karen Kilbride.

KEATCA is ever grateful.

Thank you to the team at VCF over the years: Kathie Bell, Calvin Fong, Jacqueline Dagg, Allison Felker and Terran Bell. KEATCA would not be here without your guidance, support and encouragement.

Last but not the least, our applicants. You are our inspiration. You have fought against all odds and moved ahead. KEATCA is proud to add our shoulder to your determination. THANK YOU.

If you or your friends would like to volunteer with KEATCA, please email us at keatca