Annual Walk-a-thon


KEATCA is launching a walk-a-thon to involve youth in countering poverty. Walk-a-thons will be organized in the spring of each year starting in May 2019. It is our hope that students, teachers, parents and non-profit organizations will participate and help us raise awareness and funds for development through education and training. KEATCA will provide a donation of $1.00 per participating walker to a maximum of $1000.00 to each registered Canadian charitable participating group.

KEATCA along with its partners is organizing an annual walk-a-thon in the month of May. This is to start a dialogue among youth and the community on poverty and the role of education and training in alleviating it by raising funds for education and training.

To involve educational communities and to encourage participation:

KEATCA will:

  • Register schools and Canadian charitable groups on a first come first serve basis.
  • Provide a maximum grant of up to $1,000.00 at the rate of one dollar per walker with at least one pledge.
  • Walking participants can include students, faculty, parents, friends and members of the community.

Each participating group will:

  • Be responsible for the organisation of the walk-a-thon.
  • Be responsible for the collection of funds raised and deposit with KEATCA Fund at VanCity Community Foundation.
  • Be free to utilise grant money received from KEATCA the way it sees fit.
  • Encourage other schools or groups to join in the walk-a-thon.
  • Be eligible to partner and sponsor students who cannot afford to pursue higher education.

Please feel free to contact KEATCA in the following ways